Dark scrollbars in dark theme

Helen 1 year ago updated by Thomas Singer 12 months ago 3

The dark theme is nice, but all scrollbars are still light, and so is the window title bar. The scrollbars especially are very eye-catching and distracting. Naturally the lightest and most high-contrast elements stand out most - it's like the scrollbars were the most important thing and in comparison everything else recedes to the background.

For examples of what I think it should look like, try Visual Studio or JetBrains Rider in dark mode.

(On Windows, and yes, I have set Windows to dark mode.)


The responder closed my suggestion as "Completed" even though it isn't.

Satisfaction mark by Helen 12 months ago

19.1 RC 4 is the version I tried. This is what it looks like on my computer: the scrollbars shine way brighter than any actual content.

You need to run the latest Windows 10 build - see this screenshot on our website. Most likely you are using a Windows 10 build that is too old.