Add support for actions on Nested groups in Repositories View

Chris Jaquet 12 months ago updated by Marc Strapetz 11 months ago 3

I recently discovered that you can nest groups in the Repositories view. This is an incredibly useful feature for us (as we work with over 100 repositories at a time).

I have a structure similar to the following:

ApplicationSuite (Group)
  + Apps (Group)
      + Repo One
      + Repo Two
  + Libraries (Group)
      + Repo Three
      + Repo Four
  + DataSets (Group)
      + Set One (Group)
          + Repo Five
          + Repo Six
      + Set Two (Group)
          + Repo Seven
          + Repo Eight
   + Repo Nine

The following enhancements (wishlist items) would make our lives even easier:

  1. If you right-click on the parent group (e.g. ApplicationSuite) and choose "Open Repository", it should open all repositories in that group (Repo Nine) as well as all child groups (Apps, Libraries, etc) all the way down the tree. At the moment you need to expand all the groups you want to open the repositories for, select all the repos and the right click and choose "Open Repository"
  2. Add the ability to see changed files in the current group as well as any sub groups. This would probably need to be an optional mode (controlled with (for example) a button next to the file filter text box) so that the current behaviour of only showing repos in the current group is still available. The behaviour and available options for the "expanded/recursive" mode would be the same as for a single selected group (being able to commit, stage, etc.).

    Seems to be a duplicate of https://smartgit.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/124-?

    If so, please vote and comment there, then I will close this topic as duplicate.

    Hi, this is not quite a duplicate. I am already using the groups-within-groups, but would like some more operations on them - recursive opening and the ability to see changes in the whole hierarchy. I tried to detail these in the list after the code block above. Let me know if I am not clear about something. I am currently using SmartGit 9.1.1.

    Sorry, Chris, I should have read more carefully.