Please, stop closing the Base Changes window, when I close the Conflict Solver Window

Bugged 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 0

This started happening after the latest update: 19.1.1 #14179

After I open the Conflicts Solver window:

I also open the Base Changes window:

And when I think I am done, I close the Conflicts Solver Window.

But now, Smartgit is automatically closing the Base Changes window when I close the Conflicts Solver window. Very bad! How can I post review changes now?

I would also like to ask to:

1. Not close the Base Changes window, just because I closed the Conflicts Solver window.

2. Allow me to reopen the Base Changes and or the Conflicts Solver window, after I marked the conflict a solved, so I can refix something I bad merged/fixed on the last time I had those windows opened. Now, I can only do that by aborting the whole merge process and starting everything from scratch.