Changes view: when you cannot show the change (diff) of a large (big) file, show the output of `git diff` for that file

Paul Thomson 11 months ago updated by benblo 9 months ago 1

Instead of only showing "File is too large to display.", could you please add the output of git diff for that file (perhaps just the first 10,000 lines/characters)? This at least gives *some* information.

There is also a delay before the "File is too large to display." It would be great if that delay could be removed, perhaps by estimating whether the file will be too large based on just the file size.

I work in a repository where there are several large files that must be updated in almost every commit, but the changes are tiny; just being able to see the change quickly would be ideal. 

I need often as well (for Unity projects, scene files are big but quite readable YAML when the changes are small).

Basically automatically fallback to "Compact Changes Display" would be nice.