Log window should be the main window

Rui Castro 4 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 5

Log window should be the main window.

The current unstaged and changed files should be visible in the log view.

It should be possible to stage/unstage/commit files in the log view.


Thanks. It's a good addition.

Satisfaction mark by Rui Castro 2 years ago

Sounds like what you want is having the Log functionality directly within the main window. (instead of the other way around)?  There is already a concise log (Journal) which provides partial Log Window functionality. Maybe this could be improved to fit what you are trying to achieve.

The Journal focuses on the current branch, its remote branch and one additional (auxiliary) branch. This is a very task-orientated view. Useful improvement suggestions that don't turn it into a fully fledged log are welcome (as separate request, please).

I think this RFE is complete with the new Log window changes in 18.2.


Thanks for pointing out, c600g. In 18.2 Preview you can configure this by selecting Preferences - User Interface - Prefer - Log window.