Support floating views

mlody1990 11 months ago updated by Urs Meili 9 months ago 4

As a user of SmartGit I'd like my git client to have the possibility to have its certain (and any) windows on different monitors in any layout I decide to have, which gives more space for that particular window instead of squashing every window on just one monitor. Just take a look how people who create GitAtomic do it. It simply works phenomenal there and I actually think about switching to their soft if that functionality I'm mentioning here won't be implemented soon in SmartGit.

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For example: Diff (+ perhaps other windows) on left monitor and on right monitor main window.

Of course I meant floating views not that I can have smartgit spanning across multiple monitors, what would be point of it?


We wont support floating views.

Tthis should be reconsidered, the Smartgit window gets more and more cramped with views. Note that as every major IDE supports multiple monitors, SmartGit not supporting this could be a reason to use the built-in IDE git clients instead of SmartGit.