Concurrent repo fetches, pulls, and pushes instead of sequential

Jeff Jensen 11 months ago updated 10 months ago 2

Regularly, I fetch, pull, and push multiple repos via the multi-select repo feature.  SG sequentially executes the command for each repo.  Would it reduce the elapsed time for all by having SG execute them concurrently (or in batches, such as 5 repos at a time)?


Group-fetches would be nice. So right-click a group in the bookmarks view and fetch them all.


@Jeff Sensen

By marking repositories as favorites, these repositories are updated every 10 minutes in the background.


A right-click on group menu option does not exist to pull or fetch, but you can use the Pull button or Remote -> Pull menu options on selected groups.

Yes, I know of and use the favorited repo background fetch feature.

This request is about parallel fetches and pushes for multi-repos to save wall time, not UI conveniences of fetching groups.