Keyboard shortcut for Commit view's Commit button

Jeff Jensen 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 2

Ctrl+k maps to opening the Commit dialog but I'm unable to find a key mapped to the Commit view's Commit button.  That's more efficient than reaching for the mouse to click Commit!  Is there one and, if not, can we please have one added?

Ctrl+Enter should do it - like any default button in any dialog.

ok, thank you; didn't think of that one!

I wish the buttons like that one had tool tips for the keyboard shortcut so it was clear/known.

Ctrl+Enter works great when in the dialog, but if the workflow was

  1. Type the commit message

  2. Select and stage files

SG does not have a keyboard shortcut for the Commit button when other views have focus.  So either need to use the mouse or use Ctrl+Shift+6 then Ctrl+Enter.