Include branch commit comments when merge-squashing

Andre Fedosjeenko 4 years ago updated by Stefan 3 years ago 3

When merge-squashing a branch back to develop or master it would be nice to include all commit messages from the branch inside the squashed commit. Sort of similar to the way Tower app does it. That way you don't lose the commit messages.

git merge feat-branch --squash => git commit works in this way, i.e. it pre-populates the commit message with the squashed commit messages. Would be nice if SmartGit could do the same.

How do you trigger the squash merge in SmartGit? I'm asking because squash is no option in the merge command in SmartGit but rather an option in the commit following the merge command.

I used git CLI for merge squashing, then resorted to SmartGit for rewiewing changes/committing.

(I thought maybe SmartGit could read the default commit message from .git/SQUASH_MSG or similar).