Allow checking out by default as detached head

Ram Rachum 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 2

When I press Enter on a commit in Graph, I always want to check it out without creating a new branch. I have that option in the dialog, but the default is a branch, and I wish there was a checkbox "Set this choice as default".

I'm using HEAD checkouts myself, but I also had to resort to the Recyclable Commits various times, because I lost my changes after committing, then switching back somewhere else. IMHO, it's an unsafe feature and we shouldn't support making this the default.

To clarify: I didn't mean that when you check "Set this choice as default", it'll immediately check out headless when you press Enter. It'll still show the dialog, except that the selected radio button would be the headless option, so pressing Enter again would do the headless check out.