Say which submodule is on a detached head state

Bugged 10 months ago updated by Patrick Lehmann 7 months ago 2

I had selected all files o my working tree and I hit the commit button. Then Smartgit said this:

But I have no idea which one is the submodule which is on a detached head state.

Smartgit could at least inform from where it is coming from.

If I have like 100 submodules split across countless, deep and diverse directories structures, I cannot easily see them, unless I go wildly expanding every collapsed directories structure.

I also encountered this use case here and there. I would help a lot to know where the problem is located.

Bugged described the use case for a very wide submodule structure. In my use case it's a deep structure. In such a scenario, I need to manually perform a depths-first-search by opening dozens of submodules.