Save vertical space on commit window

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It does not seem much, but it is. All that free space on the right side being waisted should be better used.



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Do you mean that we could have two different layouts for this window? One for low width, big height? And one for bug width, small height?

I could not understand exacly what did you mean. Then, I created this picture explaining myself:

While most commits have on parent and one child, ...

  • ... many commits will have 2 parent => merge
  • ... you might have multiple parents => octopus merge (rare)
  • ... you will find many with multiple children => branches

This is a serious problem because my workspace does not have an indefinite free vertical space

Consider this usual case:

Here I can see the commit message.

However, when more information is displayed like next:

I cannot see the commit message anymore and that very big empty white space keeps only increasing.

Please, use that space to show the information and not blank area.


Starting with SmartGit 19.2 preview build 15043 you can customize the low-level property


to replace the newline character with, e.g. spaces.

I have added `log.details.headerValueSeparator=,` to Smartgit Preview 20, but it is not working as expected:

The ,by... part and others should be on the same line as the Commit 0d...., while the space between the picture and the commit message has increased since Smartgit 19.2.

Note: When the lines ,by... are put into the first line, the picture should get smaller too, so the commit message can show more contents.

I am using: 20.1 preview 9 #15089


I set log.details.headerValueSeparator to a space and it keeps things on one line (wrapping if necessary).

You are right! Thanks! I just set it too:

But, should a comma be acceptable too?

Also, it would be nice if the user picture/image also had reduced like the following to save space:

And consequentially, the commit message should go up like the following too:


Well, I just set mine to a comma and it stays on 1 line too.  What happens if you switch it back to comma?  I think the space is better tho, but still this is curious.

Set avatar.size property.

I suggest exploring the low level properties to see what other gems you may appreciate!

I have set back to comma and it seems to be working now:

Thanks for the property tip!