Repositories view: Icon for unpushed local branches

Steven Kriel 10 months ago updated by Chris Jaquet 10 months ago 1

Please add an icon/modifier (similar to the green and red arrows) to a repo in the repository view if you are in a local branch that you have not pushed.  We often end up in a situation where a developer has created a release or feature branch but did not push it.  There is not obvious/quick way to spot local branches like you can spot uncommitted changes (red icons) or unpushed commits (red arrow).

I have also been caught out by this on a number of occasions. I understand that there are use cases where a user might want to only work locally, but when working with gitflow it often happens that feature/release/hotfix branches are created, often across a number of repos, and then a user forgets to push one or more of these repos since the icons indicate that everything is already pushed/up to date.