Allow manually entered git commands for experienced users.

Richard Bourque 8 months ago updated by Thomas Willson 8 months ago 3

It would be nice if there was a bash prompt in SmartGit so we could enter quick commands for more experienced users.

You can already right-click a repository and open a Git shell (or Terminal depending on the platform) where you can invoke the Git commands.

Yes, but it's just yet another window on my already cluttered desktop....   It would be nice if it was docked inside SmartGit.

As a workaround I typically use the bash terminal that is docked in my PhpStorm app instead or opening another terminal.

Saw the pop-up requesting feedback today in SmartGit and this was my first thought as well, a docked terminal window that changed current directory as you switch repository. Many operations will always be quicker in the terminal but the GUI does a nice job of visualizing the current repo state.