Log, Files view - add option to show files non-recursively

Dan Clarke 8 months ago updated 8 months ago 9

The one and only feature that I switch to other Git Clients for (either Git Extensions or Git Fork, but I think others support this too), is the ability to click on an arbitrary commit in the log and browse the directory structure and files of the project at that point in time. Both the above-mentioned Git clients have a "file tree" view which does this. SmartGit is very close in that in the 'files' view, I can click on icons 1 and 2 in the screenshot below. However, the listing is also showing files in subdirectories. Ie. When I click on 3, I don't want to see the files in the red box.

Just to show an example from another Git Client, here's Git Fork's 'file tree' view...

So if I click on a commit in a log, the file tree view shows the repo as it was at that commit. The treeview includes both directories and files. If I click on a file, it shows the content of that file in the right-hand pane.

And Git extensions has the exact same...

Until implemented in the Log window, you may use the Working Tree window which supports showing the files non-recursively.

The working tree windows only seems to show the state of the HEAD commit - not the commit selected from the log ('journal') pane. Also, the journal only seems to show a limited number of commits. I could well be misunderstanding how this window works though - I never use it - much favoring the log window :)

Yes, you are right. The Working Tree window only can show files of the Working Tree.


Implemented in build 15058+.

Wow - that was quick! Thank you so much for doing that :) Do you know when this will be downloadable? I've just got the latest build, and it says it's  build #14196 that was built yesterday.

You need to use SmartGit preview from https://www.syntevo.com/smartgit/preview/ and then invoke Help | Check for Latest Build.

This is amazing! :) Just what I wanted - thank you so much for implementing this so quickly! Best customer support ever! :)