Under review

view history of selected lines of code in one file (not whole file)

j3nda 4 years ago updated by Alexander Miloslavskiy 4 years ago 5


* its very hard to search who made prev. changes (eg. in months)


* so ideal is to have tool, which can track history of one line in file to context

* you will just selected lines, which u're interested in

* and this feature will show history only of this selected lines of code

Under review

This is actually something we are thinking about, however there are no concrete plans yet. Once there are, I'll let you know.

How is that different from line history at the bottom of Blame window?

its similar. the difference is in:

- in "blame window" u cant select continuous block of code and view/show his history in time (~similar to dif);

(this is in some tricky situations very helpful, eg: which stupid guy break down the code in time (eg. month ago or years; not in last few commits))

- mine original post is based on some code-analysis ~ not only showing blame

otherway thx for hint about blame window (idk this feature)

I do such analysis a lot myself, using Line history in Blame. It works rather well even with just one line inspected. My typical algorithm is as follows:

  1. Understand the bug and which line is culprit
  2. Open blame, inspect line history
  3. Among all line modifications, find the interesting one
  4. Click on its commit (to the left of line contents) to restart Blame from this commit
  5. If line is new in this commit and still have the bug, verify it's not moved from somewhere else (this is currently being impoved)
  6. If it was indeed moved, go to (2) and continue.