Please add some short 'how to' videos - who's got time to read documentation? I always forget how to do things.

Peter Ritter 8 months ago updated 8 months ago 5

I'm not a GIT 'power user'. I always forget how to do things and I get cofused about what gets merged into what. Some short 'how to' videos would be good for a quick refresher. I really don't have time for lengthy documentation. 

What specific topics should be covered?

Contrarily, I don't have time for videos.  I find docs more valuable - searchable, skimmable, quicker to use; videos are neither searchable nor skimmable, and slower to process.  Particularly, I find "How-To" FAQs w/searchable content (1 page or via an engine) or improved doc organization much more useful.

I'm thinking of ~2 minute videos explaining various parts of the application. I could take a course on Udemy.com about GIT but that would not be SmartGIT specific. As I said, I am not a 'power-user' of either GIT nor smartGit so I end up just doing 'commits' and 'push', but nothing much more sophisticated. I've ended up merging the wrong thing into the wrong thing several times so I am reluctant to do this now as I don't know how to undo anything. What I would like is a set of short videos explaining the most common workflows. Here are some examples:

- Overview - explain all the panels of the application windows and what they show and mean as well as various menu entries

- How to create a branch

- How to merge a branch

- how to deal with 'pull requests'

- how to resolve conflicts

- what's 'revert', 'rebase' , 'Cherry pick' , 'reset', 'reset advanced', 'garbage collector' - all the various less common menu items ?

For me at least all that would be very helpful. I'm sure I'm not alone. Anyone who prefers reading documentation can just keep doing that and skip the videos.

Best Regards, Peter Ritter

Peter, I doubt, that a 2 minute video could explain how Git works. Explaining how to do something like creating a branch takes ~20 seconds (explaining different ways), but if you don't know what Git branches are (they are fundamentally different than in other version controls systems), this will create more new questions than it answers.

BTW, we are offering SmartGit training which also covers Git understanding: https://www.syntevo.com/smartgit/training/

Hello Thomas. I'm not asking for a 2 minute video about Git. I'm asking for multiple 2 minute videos about how to use the major features of SmartGit in particular. There are dozens of Git GUI's around - they are all a bit different from each other. Show people how to use SmartGit in particular, with some video tutorials.  

I read an entire book about Git three years ago. I knew all the commands and how it works internally. Guess what - I have forgotten it all by now. I have a thousand API's in my head and Git commands are definitely not my main priority (which by the way is why I am using SmartGit in the first place, - so that I don't have to remember all the details)  Taking an onsite training course  isn't going to solve this problem - two weeks later I'd have forgotten most of it. I need a quick way to 'download' knowledge into my brain, at the time when I need it - kind of like flying a helicopter in the Matrix movie. Short video tutorials are great for that. And they are so easy to make - it's not a big investment.

Just a bit of background - I just upgraded to the latest version of SmartGit and the software then asked me to make some suggestions. So I did. The above 'is' my suggestion! 

All the best, Peter