Zooming/ Scaling

Luke Jackson 8 months ago updated by MultiSosnooley 8 months ago 4

It would be extremely useful to be able to adjust the scaling on the fly, preferably with ctrl + and ctrl -.

I use SmartGit on a set up with multiple different resolution monitors and scaling, and it seems to be by chance which scaling SmartGit will launch in at any given time. I want to be able to adjust it manually.

Failing this, the software should scale based on which monitor I drag it onto. At the moment it is sometimes far too small for my 4k monitor, or far too large for my 1080p monitor, meaning I am restricted to using it on the monitor it is 'launched for' at any given time.


Windows scales fine the SmartGit window content on our 4k-monitor or full-hd notebook display. I don't see any problem there or something that could be solved on SmartGit side.

Agreed. On my 5k monitor I can't distinguish green triangle on explorer repo icon. Icons are very smal. This is uncomfortable.

This looks like Linux. What desktop you are using? Is it configured to use 200% scaling? You already can set the low-level property smartgit.gui.dpiFactor to 1 or 2 (100% vs. 200%) in smartgit.properties.

Yep, it's linux, KDE.I'm not using scaling, but forced DPI. smartgit.gui.dpiFactor helped to me, but gui.dpiAutoScaling should be set to false either. Thank you for response. ;)