Right-click to add a file's folder to the .gitignore please!

jhughes 8 months ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 months ago 7

There's no way to put folder ignores in without editing the file directly, which seems unnecessarily effortful.  I seem to remember having this behavior once, maybe it was in SourceTree, but currently interaction with .gitignore is not ideal.


your products always fall short of excellent.  I've used them for years and everyone has the same complaints.  They fall on deaf ears.

if your app is going to beg for feature feedback and waste the time of people who actually use your products all day, everyday, at least have the decency to listen and understand what we are asking for.

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Of course, you can invoke Ignore for untracked directory.

You miss the point.  This is not a feature currently.  This is what the dialog looks like.  How do you ignore the FOLDER of the file?  I want to right-click on a FILE and ignore it's parent FOLDER.  This is what I'm asking for.  Don't tell me there's another way to do it, I know there is, but nobody uses it because you have to figure out how to turn on folder view (nobody uses it), and show untracked (also nobody uses this).  Please add a button to this dialog that simply ignores the parent folder.

You need to select the directory before invoking this command. The dialog you show is for a file selection.

Please read what I write.  You requested feature suggestions, I'm giving you one.  Your interface for this is terrible and hard to get to.  Please add the IGNORE FOLDER option to the FILE dialog.  This is commonly how people work, and difficult to do in SmartGit.


We won't add an option to add the file's directory to an ignore list, because you already can select the directory and ignore that. This is a decision for consistency - the whole application works this way: if you want to do something on a file, you need to select the file first, if you want to do something on a directory, you need to select the directory first. In a file manager nobody would request to select a file, press delete and want to have an option to delete the whole directory containing the file.

Considering how complicated it is to put a folder on ignore especially when that folder is already traked in the repository, I can only agree with mr. j.hughes that a contextual menu item to remove and ignore a file's parent directory would help. GikKraken got it right: in its file contextual menu you can ignore the file or ignore the file's parent directory and it is completely logical, in addition if the file or directory is traked then GitKraken propose to remove the tracking which is exactly what most people want when they discover a file or directory has been added to the repository accidentally.

In SmartGit you can right-click a directory to put it into one of the ignore lists.