In Graph tab, allow to drag&drop a commit onto another to 'move and squash'

Florian Kaufmann (Borm) 8 months ago updated by Thomas Singer 8 months ago 0

In the Graph tab we can nicely interactively drag&drop commits. We can also squash neighboring commits. It would be nice if these two where quickly doable in one step, apart from the interactive rebase dialog. To me that is an often occurring use case as I often commit a small commit fixing an older unpushed commit. 

Currently, if a commit is dragged over a commit, as opposed to between two commits, the mouse pointer icon changes to 'prohibition sign'. How about if instead the prohibition sign, I could drop the dragged commit, squashing it with the destination commit?

At least for me, since the above use case is important to me, additionally even cooler would be if I could directly "commit" to any given unpushed commit, which behind the scenes would do a temporary commit, move it, squash it.


This also should work if the commits have the same message.