Add tabs to log window

Iulian Onofrei 4 years ago updated by Jeff Jensen 3 years ago 17

Change the log window to contain tabs with different repo's/files' logs, instead of having multiple separate windows.

For integration of the Log window into the main window, vote for: http://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/145

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The current view system uses tabs. I consider tabs inside tabs as a bad GUI design.

In what version? For me, the Logs window is a window, not a tab

Each view, e.g. "Branches", "Commits", "Changes" is a tab. You can use drag and drop to rearrange them.

Wow, had no idea this is possible. Though, if the Log window is not a tab, doesn't the original idea make sense?

I can't manage to get the "Commits" tab inside the main window.


The current drag and drop UI, while certainly better than nothing, is cumbersome and does not always result in the desired layout on the first attempt. It requires a good bit of fiddling to get the layout you want. The lack of a named workspace layout feature means that fiddling with the workspace DnD will be required to get it adjusted for different types of activities.

The currrent UI seems to try too hard to get all the information available onscreen at once, which just results in information overload. Some prioritization of what is really most needed for a given activity would be better... in essence by allowing users to set up overlapping tabbed views, if desired, in addition to the tiled layouts and by allowing easy naming and retrieving of workspace layouts. Only showing a single tab for each view is kind of unusual since multiple tabs are well suited to easily switching the view of different content in the same screen space, which the UI does not seem to support. (I tried DnDing a view on top of another one in hopes of combining them into a multiple tab view, but that did not work.) Supporting a multiple tabbed layout could allow the user to only view what is most needed at the moment, reducing information overload.

Greatly explained. I am currently using 2 spaces, one for the main window and one for the log window, and I often switch between them. And you can't even assign them to those spaces. You have to go to the first space before opening the app, and then going to the second one immediately after pressing the "Log" button, after every os restart.

Of course you can drag one tab on top of another - just drag it to the center of the target tab.

I've did not wrote that tabs can be dragged to a different window. But inside the same window tabs can be dropped on top of each other (so the "tabs" really make sense).

But I said about three times that I wanted to have the logs inside the main window, so I don't need to use 2 spaces.

I've answered Steve James. For integrating the Log into the main window, please take a look at http://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/145-log-integrate-into-main-window/.

I'm wondering whether we should better close this topic in favor of http://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/145 to count votes correctly?

I would be happy with just a Repositories view on the Log window: https://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/620