Branches list filtering

Riki Fridrich 7 months ago updated by Patrick Lehmann 7 months ago 1

We have hundreds of branches in our project. They are created automatically for every issue and bug. When I need to find and clone specific branch, it is really hard to find them in the long list. There is search, but that is not very useful, because it only jumps to the first matching branch name. It would be really helpful to be able to filter the branches, to type part of the name and the view would only display matching branches.


This would also be useful for tags.

Many projects using strict semantic versioning will produce one-three tags per week leading to around >100 tags per year.

I could imaging:

  • pattern / regexp based filtering
  • by date (e.g. last 2 months)
  • understanding semantic versioning (in branches and tags) and allowing filters like 2.3.* or >=3.7