Allow '-' as branch grouping character in addition to '/'

ljantzen 4 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 3 years ago 6

We have standardized on branch names on the format <username>-<ticket-id>-<description>. Allowing '-' (or any other character) as the grouping character would make grouping more flexible. It also happens that the same ticket has more than one branch, so multi-level grouping would be nice. Sort of like an expanding directory structure..

This is a good idea! We have standardized it with a similar pattern:

z_username_ticket-id_description, using underscore as delimiter. We could also benefit from adding _ as custom separator

It could be even better to add support for regexps with capture groups.

Regexps are overkill in my opinion. KISS - Keep It Stupid Simple

Multi-level grouping would be really helpful. E.g. branch name a/b/c should create a subgroup b in group a instead of just creating a top-level group a/b

I'd really like this feature to be added too. We initially used "/" in branch names like "bugfix/123/annoying_issue" or "feature/567/cool_widget" but we had to switch to "-" like "bugfix-123-annoying_issue" because Jenkins CI didn't like the slashes and was messing up the automatic builds.

So yes, being able to specify a grouping character would be cool.

I've removed the "Allow more than 1 level grouping" part of this RFE. If multi-level branch hierarchy is important for you, please vote for: http://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/544