More support for pushing tags upstream

Alan G. 6 months ago 0


One local repo encapsulating four similar upstream repos (master repo, fork of master repo, release repo, fork of release repo) containing the same code. The Master repo and its fork are where we work. The Release repo and its fork are updated each time a release is made. To mark a release I put a tag on two branches (we release two variants each time) and then need to send it upstream to all the repos so that they have it.

This is easy at the git shell level with git push <remote> --tags however it's one of the few occasions where SmartGit doesn't provide a better way of doing it. As far as I can see, SmartGit only allows one tag to be pushed to one remote at a time.

In Smartgit the operations on tags currently are Push and Push To... both of which only allow one upstream to be selected at a time, meaning that I have to locate and tick each of the two new tags and then do four Push/Push To operations to get the tags into all of the upstream repos. Actually it might be eight operations - I didn't check last time whether a ticked tag forms part of a selection and the whole selection is operated on or only the right-clicked tag.

The feature request:-

1) Right click on the Tags section of the Branches pane and have new options Push All to All Upstream and Push All To...

2) Push All To... should allow more than one selection

3) Right click on an individual tag - the Push To.. there should allow multiple upstream repos to be selected

4) Group operations in the Tags list - allow pushing of several tags by right click on one of a group that are ticked. Right clicking on an unticked tag would operate on that tag alone.

5) Expand the right click menu on a branch in the Branches pane to include Push Tags/Push Tags To...