sourcetree:// url scheme hijacked by SmartGit!

Peter 6 months ago updated by Thomas Singer 6 months ago 1

I am a paying user of SmartGit, and I've been happy with it. I needed to install Sourcetree to provide a screenshot for coworkers who use that application, and I discovered that it was impossible to connect to Github using oauth because SmartGit registers the sourcetree:// url scheme. You can remove these on MacOS, but it's a pain. Presumably anyone who uses git will be able to figure it out, but that's not the point.

There is no other explanation for this behavior than an intentional and completely unnecessary attempt by Syntevo to mess up basic functionality of a competitor's product. It's extremely gross and makes me not want to ever put any more money into your pockets. Stop it.

Our intent is to use BitBucket's Clone URLs. MacOS by default should ask what application to use for opening this or that registered URL scheme. Please just select SourceTree there.

OK, I apologize for misconstruing your intention. It's unfortunate how URL schemes work in the first place, but given that reality, there still aren't any acceptable reasons for an application to use one that another application obviously intends to be the exclusive handler of (in this case, indicated by the fact that it is the name of the application itself).

In fact, MacOS does not ask what application to use in this case - the browser is launched, and the browser asks if you want to open this URL in SmartGit; no other options are given.  https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Sourcetree-questions/Can-t-install-SourceTree-due-to-login-problems-MacOSx-SmartGit/qaq-p/926276

BitBucket's Clone URLs use either https:// or ssh://, just like github or any other service. There isn't any benefit to SmartGit taking over Sourcetree's url scheme, and it breaks Sourcetree. So, please, consider, erm, stopping it... 


We plan to remove the sourcetree:// URL handler in SmartGit 20.1. SmartGit's benefit of using the "Clone in Sourcetree" links it too marginal when breaking Sourcetree.