Allow adding remotes from "Branches" view contextual menu

alyst 4 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

That's what I intuitively expect when right-clicking on the empty space in "Branches" view -- the popup menu with "Add remote..." item (well, if some element of the "Branches" list is already selected, right-licking anywhere shows its contextual menu, which makes some sense; but the problem is that left-clicking on the empty space doesn't deselect, which is counter-intuitive).

Adding "Stash..." menu item also makes sense

Intuitively I try to right-click in the branches view to add-remote, but it is not there...

Where exactly do you click and why do you consider this to be intuitive?

The white space of the "Branches" pane. Honestly, I thought it was needless to explain why it is intuitive. If you look at e.g. file managers, Windows Explorer, Dolphin etc: right-clicking on the empty space of the files list shows pop-up menu that contains "New..." menu entry. It's intuitive to have the same for the list of the remotes.

There only is whitespace below the last item in this tree control. If the repository has grown out of the starting state, there usually is no such whitespace.

It still should be possible to have an empty row below the list. If the list is full, scrolling down is faster than going all the way to the main menu, then selecting an item there.

Also, right now the rows occupy the whole horizontal space of the pane. Theoretically, it is also possible to limit their bounding boxes to the text (at least for the top-level items), so there would be empty space to the right. Anyway, if one clicks somewhere close to the right edge, it's hard to estimate the exact list element being selected -- the label is so far away.