Push: add support for "git push refs/for/master"

Adrien Béraud 4 years ago updated by Géza Husi 3 years ago 5

We use Gerrit for code review, and integration with smartgit could be better.

Gerrit wants commits ready for review to be pushed to special branches like refs/for/master etc.

SmartGit has no sort of special support for those branches or other Gerrit features, so it's currently more convenient to use the "git-review" command instead of the GUI.

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Under review

Please have a look at version 8 RC which comes with a new Push to Gerrit action if a Gerrit remote is detected: https://www.syntevo.com/doc/display/SG/Gerrit

Does this let me (1) add reviewers when creating the review and (2) get the URL for the review?

Ram, no the current integration doesn't go that far. I'd suggest to create a new topic (I've renamed the current one).

Is this really completed ? With the current version (17.1.2 #11190) you cannot change the target branch to push on Gerrit, only to the branch with the name of your current local branch. The .gitreview file contains all necessary information (server name, port number, project, default branch) for how and where to push the change on Gerrit.