Text Search for all files in a given commit

Dale 3 years ago updated by Hyper Sonic 3 years ago 2

I keep looking for an option to search across multiple files in a given commit. I know you can text search in the ‘Show Changes’ and ‘Log’ windows, but that is for a single file. If the Graph window has focus and you press <ctrl-f> the ‘Filter’ box gets focus. If you the same for the files window, the ‘File Filter’ box gets focus. If I try the same in the ‘Changes of xxx’ window, nothing happens. I’d like to click on a given commit, and have an option to text search all files in that commit for a specific string.

I’ve seen a couple of similar requests in this forum from the past, but they seem to have never gone anywhere. This feature would save me quite a bit of time.


It should respect the file filters.  So any file visible in the list would be included.

I was looking for a feature request to add Text Search for a given pane of a given file of a given commit to start with. Pressing Ctrl+F inside the diff view focuses the File Filter every time!

Without this, we cannot hope to get multi-file search... But from the way your suggestion is written, it sounds like single file search already exists, and this would be an improvement over that. In that case, can you tell me how you search text in a single file diff?

I searched for a similar request on the forum, but could only find yours. If you know about another request specifically for single file search, I'll also check it.

Otherwise, I may open another ticket for single fill text search. It is simpler and may encourage the developers to tackle this first, before they go on with multi-file search.

In the meantime I'll vote your suggestion up since ultimately it's also something I'd want.