Improve usability under Windows Subsystem for Linux with GUI (WSLg)

Marc Strapetz 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 0

WSLg can be used to run SmartGit in Linux environment while using Windows as main development OS.

We have tried it briefly and SmartGit seems to mostly work file in WSLg.

Out findings are summarized here:


There are a few nuisances, such as SmartGit updates failing, which can be improved.

The current plan is to spend a couple days in the next couple months to try to fix nuisances.

However, if this proves to be complicated, we'll get back to more popular feature requests, unless this topic gains more votes.

If you're interested in using WSLg with SmartGit, please describe your use cases and any problems you encountered.

Note: this topic is about running SmartGit from within WSLg. If you want to access repositories on WSL from Windows, vote for topic 1409.