Usability: Smartgit dialogs: Descriptions for functions should be absolute

Thomas Schittli 10 months ago updated 10 months ago 1


Thank you very much for allowing to use SmartGit in private open source projects for free.

It would be much easier if we could also register topics in German, I would have bet SmartGit has a German origin :-)

I have a small usability suggestion:

This kind of dialog information is very annoying:

Image 693

The explanation is formulated in such a way that it looks like one must understand two things at the same time:
"Pull ... in contrast to Fetch Only, ..."

Because "Fetch only" is mentioned, one looks for the description of Fetch only, too.

» In the end, this wording leads to reading the explanation several times and still not being sure if one understands it :-(

It would be much more useful if the Dialog explains both functions for itself, for example:

  • Fetch only (git fetch) is safe: it just gets the latest metadata from the original (it does not transfer files)
  • Pull (git pull) does a git fetch followed by a git merge. Therefore, server files are merged to your local files.

Thanks a lot, kind regards,
Thomas Schittli

OK, OK, I see it: My description does not explain the functions independent of each other, too.

But I think this concept for a description is still much more useful:

  • The user can read through the explanation fluently and understand the difference between the two functions at the end.
  • Therefore, the user can make a decision and is pretty sure he got the right one :-)