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Log: symbols for count of addition / changes / deletions

ck05 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

Some other GIT clients show a summary of changes/actions in the log list, which is sometimes very useful [1].

SmartGit shows this information once a commit is selected, but not in the list.

I suggest that this information is shown (as an option) also in the list itself, so that it's easier to find e.g. the last commit where files were deleted. If it's an expensive operation, that could be labeled behind the column name in the context menu, so that users are aware that this column might hurt performance.


It will actually be an expensive operation because for each commit, the complete tree must be compared against the previous commit.

I understand that this might not be a good default setting. But if you need to click every line to find out whether e.g. any deletions took place, thats even more expensive from a user point of view.

Every time I need to do this I go back to tortoiseGIT or use git log --stat. I tought it would be nice if smartgit could display this information on demand. Since git log --stat already gives the available information (and has been pretty fast for me), I thought that it could be done.

Under review

Can you explain why you are looking for all commits containing a deletion?

I'm working on a CAD library used by several users and every so often someone asks me to merge his changes to the main library. I start by viewing the differences between his fork and the main repo by selecting the two commits (great feature).

Often, for additions or deletions, I want to read the commit message, as they contain further information on the reason for that action. I use the log feature on the file in smartgit (while comparing commits), but found that it's often easier to go through the list directly rather than opening a new window for every item, just to read a single line. That's when this information would be valueable for me. I'd like to add that these are binary files, so the usual text compare that is displayed doesn't work.

I don't consider this high priority, especially since different git clients can work together flawlessly. But it is a thing that makes me leave smartgit and I wanted to mention it.