22.1 Preview: Keep old style of commits behind/ahead

Fredrik Blomqvist 1 year ago updated by Roland Schmitt 9 months ago 6

I've been a user of SmartGit for 10+ years and really like the Working Tree window. I don't find the new Standard window anywhere near as good, but that's fine since the Working Tree window is staying.

However, I noticed the style for showing how many commits a branch is behind/ahead changed into some gray subtle numbers. I like the old style a lot better since it's just visually clearer


Image 717

Same goes for branches that are missing their tracking branch and so forth. The old/current stable theme is superior imo. Not sure what else I can do other than beg you to keep it or make this new style an option or theme.

I'd like to support topic starter.

Colored indication is much MUCH better than gray bubble in the latest version.

FYI: while 'Working Tree (file oriented)' stays, thats fine for me.

Would an optional colored bubble be a better alternative?

It would be an improvement. However, I also found the placement a bit off. What branch is being tracked is generally 2nd priority information since 99% of the time it's what you would expect it to be (the same name but on origin etc.). However, how many commits I am ahead/behind is very relevant information. With the new design, that bubble lives on the far right instead of right after the branch name.

Was there any outcome of this?

I 100% agree with this request.  The new way tends to get lost since it is so far away from the branch name and almost blends into the scrollbar. Especially where I have the left column stretched wide. 

Image 756

I also support this request, as its much harder to see that their are some outgoing changes that need to be pushed.

A colored indication would be much better noticeable.