Add option to remember vertical scroll position in single file diff viewer

bergerkiller 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 1

I've been testing out SmartGit and so far it's been far better than other tools I've tried using. There is only one feature missing that would make it especially 100% suitable for what I use it for.

I program mods/plugins for Minecraft servers, and frequently have to diff compare changes in Minecraft's source between release versions. For example, I may be interested in the changes done to a single file, "Zombie.java", over time to make sure I support all versions properly.

To do so, I would open a repository with a commit for every version, select the file in question and view the File's Log. This opens a git diff viewer for this file, and I can quickly click by all the version commits. All good so far.

When I click between version commits, the diff viewer completely resets. This is mitigated by disabling compact mode. Now, however, it appears to automatically highlight the changes rather than staying at the same scroll position in the file. I keep having to scroll back to where I was looking to see what was changed. Couldn't find an option in preferences or in the UI to turn that auto-focusing off.

This is something i do often in my workflow when having to check changes to fields, methods and others over time. Ideally Id be able to select or pin a single line of code Im interested in and rapidly switch between commits to see what happened to it and its surroundings.

I would greatly appreciate such an enhancement.


After a bit more clicking around it seems like the Investigate button does closely to what I'm wanting to do, I was just expecting it to be inline in the same diff viewer. I still feel preserving scroll position makes the main diff viewer more useful, but at least this helps me further along :)