Word navigation (ctrl+left/right): do not stop before and after every space

L Nguyen Huu 1 month ago updated by Lukas Shawford 1 week ago 1

It seems that in recent version of SmartGit, word navigation stops before and after every space.

This means that if you have a commit message "Added level 2" with the caret after 2, you need to press Ctrl+Left 3 times to go before "level".

I would rather have the caret skip any space before the next word in the pressed direction, as in other editors, so you press Ctrl+Left/Right as many times as there are words to skip.

In general, such editors also skip multiple spaces before a word. Although YMMV and you may want not to skip if there are 2+ spaces or more. Personally I'd just skip them and let the user go back with Ctrl+Left then Ctrl+Right, or reversely.

Generally speaking, if the user still wants to stop at the other boundary of the word, they can always play with Left/Right and Ctrl+Left/Right for an extra adjustment, it shouldn't take more than one extra input.

Yeah, noticed this change in behavior recently. No other editor I use behaves this way, and it makes it quite cumbersome for keyboard-oriented users. Wish the old behavior was restored, or there was a setting to change how ctrl+left/right behaves.