Support Markdown in commit messages [SG-16156]

Sync 1 year ago updated by Marc Strapetz 1 year ago 4

It would be nice if the [Commit] window would display commit messages in Markdown. 

Even if it's an opt-in advanced option, I would be happy.

Which commit window? The one where you enter the commit message, or where the commit message is displayed? Which styles of markup do you use? I reckon, images or different head lines are not needed?


The displayed one.

Simplified markdown is fine. Maybe:

  • Musts
    • inline code
    • block code
    • quotes
    • bullets
    • headings
    • links
  • Can live without
    • Images (downgrade to links if not secure to display directly?)

Image 768

👍 I'd also love Markdown support!

In addition to what Sync mentioned, please add simple text formatting such as bold or italics.