Journal: option to hide common commits [SG-10558]

Ionut Morariu 4 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 4 years ago 14

If i had one commit unpushed i wanted to see it down below in the outgoing section. The problem here is that there is no option here to filter only the unpushed items.


The problem here is that there is no option here to filter only the unpushed items. Not good. Bad UI.

Yes, this would be a great idea!

"Journal: option to hide common commits" is great.


Journal is really annoying,

what's the point of having this simplified version of log instead of outgoing, where you can always see what's been pushed or not. If it's clear then nothing to push. And this faded commits history is distracting , you should always watch the color of the commits...
Window Log is much more suitable for any operations with commits rather then this small pointless window

Agreed. New Journal is significantly less convenient than old plain Outgoing tab. So there MUST be the option. The sooner the better.

Please provide two screenshots (from v8 and v7) illustrating the problem. Thanks in advance.

I can do this

- created barnch inherited from master (top - version 7 | bottom - version 8) (SCREEN 1)

in 7th version I see no commits been made to new branch "branchIheritedFromMaster"
in the 8th version there is a mess of master commits... why?

- lets create a few commits into new branch (SCREEN 2)
7th version just great , I see my 2 commits, they are not pushed.
8th version - mess from master and new commits

- lets push the commits (and create a remote branch)

If i really need more details history and want to make some manipulations like cherryPick, I just open separate big window which is very convenient and can see my history

In version 7 you see "pushable" commits, in version 8 you see "ahead" commits because from a branch perspective this is usually more reasonable. As you have highlighted, this is only a problem for new branches without a remote counterpart, because they are "ahead all commits". On the other hand it's correct and showing pushable commits only in this case seems wrong to me.

I'm a big fan of the journal view, so I don't agree to much of what is said here :)

Is those options below would be good compromise ?

  • option to only show "local" commits in the journal view
  • different colors or a marker to clearly distinguish the state of the local vs tracked remote branch (this is greatly done in the journal window, indeed might be improved in the journal view)

The only and simple IMHO thing this ticket asks for is adding an option to show not yet pushed local commits (if there are any) ONLY as it was with Outgoing pane. No one asked to kill Journal pane. Just add the option. :) Please! :)

BTW, spending some time with available Journal options I made it somewhat more usable (for me personally) - it show commits of current checked out branch only. But why it shows 10 only commits? The branch contains more of them and there have to be a way to show more. Yet another missing option?


We felt 10 is a reasonable value and it's not likely to be changed. You can still change it but not from the GUI but only using system properties: https://www.syntevo.com/doc/display/SG/System+Properties#SystemProperties-Journal

You may want to vote for https://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/256

Indeed the default configuration for journal view works really well when using the GitFlow model (feature / hotfix branch especially)

Thanks for pointing how to change this magic number. And yes, I've just voted for the 256 ticket because system properties is not the best place for UI options IMHO.

I've also added a comment to 256 to combine it with this ticket - if some number set to 0 it means that corresponding commit category have not be displayed at all? Then we all should be happy I hope! :)