Allow resizing any pane (including Commit pane) to any small size as long as it doesn't break UI

Hyper Sonic 12 months ago 0

As noted in https://groups.google.com/g/smartgit/c/Sy3h_ticc3w?pli=1 the commit pane cannot be resized under a certain size. Unfortunately the reply only mentioned vertical size, and I'm not sure I fully understand the reason (it could show more options, but I don't know which ones). In addition, I care about horizontal size, as I'm placing SmartGit on the left half of my monitor which leaves only 1280px width; not much to read repository names. Look below how the Commit pane is huge compared to the others:

Image 770

I don't want to change view mode or move all my panes around just for when I temporarily move SmartGit to a half monitor. I would rather have the possibility to resize things however I want, and take the responsibility to make some parts less readable than others. Plus, I don't see a reason for the minimum with on Commit pane: there is more than enough space there.