Standard Window view: Allow arranging the order of tabs

Jonathan 6 months ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 months ago 7

I noticed the Standard Window view doesn't allow you to arrange the order of tabs. The Standard Window tab order follows the order in which the tab was opened. It would be helpful if I could arrange the order of tabs to my preference. 

Also can you add tab right-click menu options like "Move tab to beginning" and "Move tab to end". I usually have 4 or more tabs open at a time.


This already works in 23.1 Preview, using Drag&Drop.

I can confirm the Standard Window Drag&Drop tab feature works on MacOS but does not work on Linux. I mainly use a Linux workspace (AL2).

MacOS SmartGit Version: 23.1 preview 9 #20082

Linux (AL2) SmartGit Version: 23.1 preview 9 #20082, installed: #20064

Works fine on our Linux machines (Ubuntu, Manjaro - both with Gnome desktop).

This feature is not working in Windows 11 Home version. And it was the first thing I checked. I can't find a way to re-arrange the tabs of the repositories in the top row (version 22.1.7 #19285 - the default version I downloaded from the website today).

As stated above, this feature is implemented in version 23.1.

Using the internal Amazon Linux 2 cloud desktop image, I'm still not able to rearrange tabs in version "23.1 preview 13 #20118, installed: #20104".

SmartGit support already asked how to setup an Amazon Linux 2 VM outside of the AWS platform for troubleshooting. I can't provide the internal Amazon Linux 2 image for troubleshooting so this isn't possible. Is there any distro or package info that I can provide to help troubleshoot this issue without a VM?

Let me know if you can reproduce the problem with any easy to install Linux available as .iso file and capable of running in VirtualBox.