Standard Window: assign colors to repositories (colored tabs)

terablade2001 9 months ago updated by Thomas Singer 8 months ago 2

In the Standard Window there is a top row where each opened repository is represented by a tab. Currently I work with at least 6 tabs opened. Some of them are grouped to some specific parts of my project. Thus I would like to have a way to easily/faster discriminate among them depending on what I want to do. Ordering is one way. Also some of them may left with non-staged files because I need to focus on other repositories or complete tests. Other may be related with high/low priority issues. Thus I would like a fast way to annotate them i.e. by their category or status, and this way is via custom coloring.

As I am thinking it, there should be a color palette in preferences where user can have a predefined set of colors (for light and dark theme correspondingly for optimal-view purposes) and also be able to create his own custom colors. Then to easily right click on any repository tab and select the background and foreground(letters) color he wants for each tab, via a pop-up color-picker window. As far as the repository tab stays open, in different sessions, the color should remain. If closed should be reset to default colors the next time is opened. (Or this could be a preference if someone wants the tab colors to be retained after closing a repo, and reloaded after opening it again).

This is a feature, which I have seen in other apps I work with, like MobaXTerm when opening multiple terminals (if anyone wants to get an idea).

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