Show Files View as a Tree

Steve James 4 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 8

It would be very helpful if the files view could be shown as a combination folders/files tree view.

Obviously, the files view shows the relative directory column, but being able to toggle a tree view w/ files in each folder would be more intuitive and quicker to comprehend. This could possibly enable easily staging entire folders as well.

You already can select the directory in the Repository's view. For those who prefer at tree-like display we already offer the Relative Path table column since SmartGit 8. With a real tree we would have different items in the control: directories and files, resulting in possible duplicate selection: what should happen if a directory and some files inside it are selected?

Um... just look at Sourcetree and GitKraken? The former has offered tree view for years now.

I had hoped for a better suggestion. IMHO, tree views for showing directories and files are a - err - suboptimal approach.

Well, it's obviously your call. I just find it a shame because otherwise, SmartGit's UI looked pretty appealing to me.

Also, I've never had issues with the tree view in the other products.


Just to throw my hat in the ring: it's totally up to you, but having just switched to smartgit from gitkraken (since the latter is full of bugs), this is (so far) the only feature that I'm seriously missing.

Having to go through each file and read its path to ensure that it's in the directory I'm meant to be working in before staging/commiting adds heaps of cognitive load to setting up commits. Working in Unity means that often lots of random files are updated in other directories while the application is running and generally I don't want to stage those (to keep commits clean). I imagine many other people have similar workflows of using directories to check that they're not committing things they shouldn't be / to group commits.

If I could offer a suggestion for the problem of duplicate selections - selecting/deselecting a folder should just apply its selection state to all files and folders inside of it. Having it as a non-default option would mean that, even if it's 'suboptimal', the users who prefer it could still have it enabled.

What SmartGit version you are using 18.2 or 19.1 preview?


If this is the only reason you wouldn't provide this functionality, then just prevent selecting the directory and files at the same time. Tree view would be so helpful to look through the overall repository structure.

On the other hand, disabling showing subdirectories' files (shortcut ctrl + 0) gives me what I needed. Thx :)