Automatically fetch avatars from GitHub for those using the GH noreply e-mail to author commits

Peter J. Mello 10 months ago updated by Thomas Singer 10 months ago 1

I encountered the dialog box inquiring if I'd like to switch to using the complimentary noreply email address when contributing to a repository there today and it raised some thoughts I thought worth sharing. Naturally this is all anecdotal and possibly dated as well, but though in principle I very much like the concept of GH's noreply email, in general I rely too heavily on the presence of avatars/Gravatars/Libravatars in the log to keep track of who's doing what to feel like I can make use of it. I had done a brief trial run with it in the past and as I tend to prefer a number of other repository hosts to GitHub, quickly decided to abandon it once I saw that it essentially eliminated any trace of my identity on those sites and reduced me to a generic avatar in their commit logs. As it seems obvious that I can't add the address to my Gravatar/Libravatar accounts if I can't receive email sent to it, I gave the matter no more thought. I'd like to ask, though:

Is there anything stopping SmartGit and the other Syntevo products from fetching/displaying my avatar from GitHub when obviously that noreply address is tied to my GitHub account?

Mostly I'm referring to this in regards to repos hosted elsewhere than GH. (I'm not sure if you already do this for GH repos, but I seem to remember that you do) If this became available then I would definitely appreciate the freedom to make use of the noreply address in certain circumstances since the SmartGit behavior impacts me much more than the other hosts' websites. I'd even be content if this behavior was managed as a flag in the Advanced Settings list. Thanks for taking the time to review my idea/request; you make fantastic products that I'm proud to be a customer of.


Next 23.1 preview build 20117 will contain this feature.