Repositories view: Open all the repositories of a Group via context menu

terablade2001 10 months ago updated by Thomas Singer 9 months ago 0


I'd like to see in SmartGit the following additional options when we right-click (i.e. in windows) over a folder in the "Local Repositories" window:

- Open all repositories of the folder, keeping the current opened repositories intact. (i.e. option: "Open all, keep current tabs...")

- Open all repositories of the folder, replacing (closing all) the current opened repositories. (i.e. option: "Open all, replace tabs...")

The reason I think this feature is very important, is because we may use the SmartGit for multiple groups of repositories like i.e.:

- Different work projects (multiple groups of one to many repositories per project)

- Different personal projects (multiple groups of one to many repositories per project)

Having in mind that the "Local Repositories" window aids to organize our repositories in a hierarchical way under user-defined Folders, it would be great to have the option to right click on a folder and be able to select if we want to open all the repositories it contains at once, by just opening them and appending to already opened repositories we have in our tabs, or by firstly closing all the currently opened repositories that we have.

It seems like a simple addition to SmartGit, with two more options in "Local Repositories", which give us the new ability in organizing our groups (Folders) of repositories in "workspaces". Thus if I want to open my work's repositories of project #1, I just right click on the folder "Work/Project#1" and select "Open all, replace tabs..." and voila I have a "workspace" of opened repositories for this specific project. Otherwise we have to close and open manually multiple repositories..

Additionally it would be also necessary, when we open the folder's repositories, the order that we have set in the repositories tabs (Standard Window) in the past, to remain the same, and any new repositories in the folder to be added in the end. That would enhance the semantic idea of "workspaces".

Please think about it. I've seen similar utility in file-handling software, where you can store and restore the tabs of the folders you have set for the different projects. And I feel that SmartGit has already the underlying mechanisms ("Local Repositories" and folders) to support easily such a new functionality.


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