Standard Window, Repository Tabs : double click to close

terablade2001 10 months ago updated by Thomas Singer 9 months ago 2


Having catch myself multiple times doing double click on the repositories tabs in the standard window in order to close them (driven by the behavior on other S/Ws with tabs that I am familiar with) but with nothing happening, I'd like to ask for this feature.

Thus the idea is: "Double Click" on a repository tab = "right click + Close" over the tab.


Standard window GUI

At the moment, middle-click closes the tab.

Aha!.. Just test it!

Well if it's not a problem - or there is no other design strategy for double click there - double click could also do the same?

Middle mouse button is a "difficult" button in some mouse devices. And single-click creates an uncertainty of a close by accident (middle mouse "difficulty" negates this uncertainty though).

But ok. As far as the functionality of quick-closing exist, I think the feature I ask would be good but not necessary.