Window Layout: add named workspaces (in addition to "Main" and "Review" perspective)

Steve James 4 years ago updated by Jeff Jensen 1 year ago 1

I find that sometimes if I close a view in the SmartGit workspace I forget how to get it back. Also, I imagine that different users have different tastes in what consitutes and efficient SmartGit workspace. It would be nice if the current layouts and dimensions of views could be saved as a named workspace that could be called up later.

Essentially, the Main and Review "Perspectives" are pre-defined workspaces. All I am suggesting is to allow users to name and use other arrangements of workspace views.

I keep wanting a 3rd perspective to have a 3rd set of view arrangements... each perspective arranged for working preferences.

This request is 3 years old and only my vote; has there been any thought about enabling custom/more perspectives?