Option to edit the file-path of a repository in "Repositories" view

terablade2001 10 months ago updated by Thomas Singer 9 months ago 0


Recently I had to move in a different disk location a folder with some repositories, which I had already setup in the "Local repositories" window. Then I faced the problem that in the "Local repositories" window I had no option to update the repositories paths with their new disk location paths. The only way was to erase them one-by-one and add them on-by-one in their previous groups, facing in each addition the need to close the repository which automatically was opening too. It was a bit annoying and prone to errors.

Thus the feature I'd like to see in SmartGit is to be able to right-click on the wanted repository in the "Local repositories" window and have an option to edit the disk location of the selected repository.

Such a change should actually automatically do what someone can do manually till now:

1. Keep the selected repository's parent group from "Local repositories" and the repo name (if repo is renamed)

2. Delete the repository from "Local repositories"

3. Add at the kept parent group of "Local repositories" the repository at the new given path. Rename as the previous name.

4. Do not open the updated repository (because user may want to change paths of other repositories too)

I think this would be a very handy feature for those who at some point may need to move folder(/s) with repos elsewhere in their local machine...

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