Provide options to Fetch/Pull only the selected tracked branch

terablade2001 10 months ago updated by David Rees 1 week ago 1


I've noticed that many times while I have selected a branch and want to only fetch or pull that specific branch which is set to tracked to a remote repository, there is no option to do it. The option "Remote->Fetch" seems to fetch all the branches from the selected repository, filling up the local remote references with a lot of not-want-to-download branch references and taking a lot of unnecessary time.

I'm currently working on Log Window, which seems to offer more functionality than Standard Window. So, on the Log Window I can not find a way to fetch/pull only the selected branch from it's tracked remote. This would be similar to the command "git fetch <tracked-remote-name> <selected-branch-name>" or "git pull <tracked-remote-name> <selected-branch-name>".

Thus, if there indeed no way to do this, is it possible to add commands "Remote->Fetch selected" and "Remote->Pull selected" in the Log window (and any window in general)? When clicking on these command it's expected the tracked remote branch of the selected branch to be fetched/pulled, and if the local selected branch is not tracked then to propose to set a remote track first. If the selected local branch is tracked but has been deleted from the tracked remote repository to just inform the user that the tracked remote branch doesn't exist anymore.


Improve Git commands

Yes, it would be quite handy if there was a Fetch menu item on remote branches. Both on the branch name in the Branches view and on the branch tile in the graph.

Then the user could fetch just that remote tag directly from log or from branches list. For example, from the Log a user could fetch a tag and then reset local branch on that tag without having to right click the remote.

I am specifically asking for it in the Log Window.