Push (SVN): autostash dirty index/working tree [SG-9731]

dmitry.andreev.dev 4 years ago updated by Graham Jans 3 years ago 1

I’m trying to use SmartGit to work with remote SVN repository. Everything works fine except the fact that the SmartGit can’t perform “push to remote” if working index is not clean. I have to perform “Save Stash” -> “Push” -> “Apply Stash” as a workaround, which is pretty annoying to perform manually and seems like extremely easy to automate (at least as a temporary bugfix). I’ve used Tortoise SVN before and it had an ability to commit+push not all modified files. I would be happy if it would be possible to do in SmartGit

I'd love this. It seems like SmartGit does lots of automatic stash/unstash in helpful ways, and this particular one was overlooked. This is literally the only bump in my workflow right now, everything else works so well!