Individual colors for entries in the branches window

Dominik 1 month ago updated 4 weeks ago 4

Please allow individual coloring of the entries in the branch window (accessible via CTRL+SHIFT+2). It should be possible to define both the text color and the background color separately for each branch as well as depending on the status "checked out" and "not checked out".

For this purpose, it would be an option to define classes in the settings, e.g. "warn" or "deploy", and then specify "warn" with regular status has red text color, "warn" with status "checked out" has white text color with red background. One can then assign a class to individual branches in the branch list.

This way, branches where a push results in subsequent actions (e.g. deploy to production) can be clearly highlighted ( and their potential impact...).

GUI Branches view

Should this be rule based? e.g name patterns like "release/" or status based like CI fails - or just a manual coloring?

Based on name patterns would be a good solution, but manually assigning the classes would also be fine. As long as there is something to visualize the danger zones ;)

What is the scope for the coloring - just you - or all SmartGit Users in your organization that work with this Repo?

In my case it's just me, as not all use SmartGit