Log: show "key" on signed commit or tag

Thibault M. 4 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 6 months ago 9


Relative to the thread https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/smartgit/3w46shCd_mg it could be nice to have the "key" icon for all signed commit (like for signed tags). The static key color could be replaced with green or red key to have a quick look of the GPG key integrity/verification.

It could be nice too if the "key" icon will be show on the labels (view picture)

Signed commits (with actual info on signature) would be nice !

What exactly do you mean? Please describe more detailed what you expect.


Well, you could show signed commits in a different color, or with an icon to the left / to the right of the commit message (or commit id), or just add a (configurable) column containing the signature info. Anything is better than nothing in this case.

Well, I read your proposal about the key sign indicating a tag beeing pgp-signed. So, I voted for this, because I also would like to be able to see if, an by whom a tag was signed. But since commits can also be signed it would be even nicer to get this info too.

+1 this is very useful

I'd suggest to color the icon, depending on the outcome of the GPG signature verification (like red = unverified, green = ok, yellow = unknown key, ...)

However, it may not need to be displayed in the graph (for the favor of readability), but somewhere in the commit details (probably below the author).

+1 We really need this feature!..

Am I missing something, or is this still not available? I can't see any difference between unsigned commits, unverified signatures and verified signatures in the Log window...

I hope this little useful feature will be implemented in the future release of SmartGit...


20.1 Preview 10 build 15108 now denotes signed tags and signed commits in the Log Graph. To give it a try: install 20.1 Preview from:


and invoke Help|Check for Latest Build . Note that signatures are not yet verified. I have added another topic for this: