Support for Git .mailmap file

steffel 4 years ago updated by quincunx 12 months ago 1

In some of our repositories we have commits from developers with different Name, but with same email address (short name, full name).

git already supports user name mapping by using a "mailmap" file, so only one name will be display in e.g. the git short log. SmartGit should support this, too.

mailmap support (using the git configuration) would be a great convenience. As the author of this requests states, it's quite common that there are commits from the same person, but with variations in the name. Some of my colleagues tend to use their username of the git hosting platform (e.g. GitHub, GitLab) for the user.name value (even as "@username"), which really does not help reading the history.

Since git 2.23, the "git log" command is using mailmap by default (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/git/git/master/Documentation/RelNotes/2.23.0.txt), which makes reading the git log more unified.